MK Dermatology is here for you and your skin. Dr. Kingsley and her team educate and provide a personalized treatment plan for all patients with common dermatology concerns.

MK Dermatology is the first and only direct care dermatology practice in Indiana.

With this unique practice model, our patients can expect high-quality care with the added benefit of price transparency, including no copays or surprise bills.

Dr. Kingsley and MK Dermatology’s team of highly-trained professionals look forward to learning more about our clients’ dermatology needs and helping them achieve their skin care goals.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Melanie Kingsley, M.D.

Melanie Kingsley, M.D., is a fellowship-trained, board-certified dermatologist who focuses her practice on both medical and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Kingsley is following her longtime dream of opening her own dermatology practice, MK Dermatology, where she can provide a more full-service, convenient patient experience with the most up-to-date and sophisticated treatments.


Darah is a certified medical assistant (CMA) with 10 years of experience working with Dr. Kingsley in the dermatology field. At MK Dermatology, she performs treatments including laser hair removal, chemical peels, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) microneedling, laser genesis, intense pulsed light (IPL) skin therapy, BelaMD facials, TheraClear, Deka Tetra CO2 with CoolPeel and SylfirmX. She enjoys educating patients on skin care and is passionate about helping patients become more confident in how they look and feel.


Lindsey is a certified medical assistant (CMA) with more than 10 years of experience — having worked in both the dermatology and family medicine fields. She assists Dr. Kingsley with procedures and surgeries and performs treatments including laser hair removal, laser genesis, TheraClear, facials, chemical peels, Deka Tetra CO2 with CoolPeel and SylfirmX. She also answers patient questions and schedules appointments.


Donna is a registration and relations professional with more than 20 years of experience delivering outstanding service to clients. She is dedicated to supporting Dr. Kingsley and her expert team to help patients achieve their skin care goals. Donna assists patients with scheduling appointments and provides information about MK Dermatology’s skin care treatments and services.

Direct Care Dermatology

Our direct care model is simple — with no hidden fees, copays or insurance headaches. Just stress-free, high-quality skin care when you need it. This model decreases costs by cutting out the overhead that comes with insurance companies and regulations.

Our Practice

We are dedicated to helping men and women of all ages love the skin they are in! Our team takes the time to get to know all of our patients and help them work toward their skin care goals. We work together to provide high-quality care in a comfortable and patient-centered setting.

Dr. Kingsley has published several articles, participated in research trials and been featured by various media outlets. Take a look at her work in the media!