MK Dermatology’s direct care practice model decreases costs by cutting out the overhead that comes with insurance companies and regulations.

Medical and Surgical Pricing

All medical service fees are transparent, so patients can see the price of their appointment and any treatments before they visit. Health care savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) are accepted forms of payment for medical services.

Focused Exam

Comprehensive Exam

  • As noted above, a $50 flat fee is added if any biopsies or medically-necessary liquid nitrogen is used, no matter the number of biopsies or sites frozen.

Follow-up Appointments

  • Focused Follow-up: $125
  • Extensive Follow-up: $175
  • Follow-up Treatment with Liquid Nitrogen: $75 – $150

Liquid Nitrogen Treatment (medically necessary)
  • Cryotherapy: $75
    up to 5 Lesions

  • Cryotherapy: $100
    up to 10 Lesions

  • Cryotherapy: $150
    up to 25 Lesions

Cosmetic Add-ons:
  • Liquid Nitrogen Treatment of Benign Lesions: $100 – $400
  • Shave Removal of Benign Lesions: $100 – $200
  • Milia Extraction: $150 – $400


If Dr. Kingsley finds an atypical mole or skin cancer during your visit, or if you have a benign lesion that is bothersome that you would like removed, Dr Kingsley can perform excision. If you have something that she has not yet evaluated, schedule a medical dermatology exam for her to evaluate and discuss treatment options.

  • Tier 1 (<1cm): $500
  • Tier 2 (1cm-2cm): $700
  • Tier 3 (2.1cm-4cm): $900
  • Tier 4 (>4cm): $1100
  • Earlobe Repair: $800

  • Keloid Excision from Earlobe: $800-$1100

Cosmetic Pricing

Our direct care model doesn’t change the way Dr. Kingsley approaches cosmetic dermatology services. During an initial consultation, Dr. Kingsley learns about a patient’s needs and creates a customized treatment plan. Once a cosmetic consultation is complete, patients will be given a quote prior to their first treatment.

  • Cosmetic Consultation: $150

  • This will be applied to any treatment received within six months of your consultation.

Aesthetics Pricing

Our aesthetic services include BelaMD, TheraClear Acne and Laser Genesis facials. With our direct care model, patients will know the price of their facial services before their appointment.

  • BelaMD Facial: $175 – $400
  • TheraClear Facial: $225 – $400
    (BelaMD Facial + TheraClear)
  • Laser Genesis Facial: $225 – $400
    (BelaMD Facial + Laser Genesis)

Pathology Pricing

  • Per Specimen: $65

If a biopsy is performed at your visit, it will be sent to a pathologist to diagnose. You can pay our direct fee to the lab of $65 per specimen (no matter how many stains may be needed). Or if you prefer, the pathology lab can bill your insurance directly.

Medication Prior Authorization

  • Per Authorization: $25

You will be charged $25 per medication authorization.

What Type of Appointment is Needed?

New Patient – Focused:

This is an exam for those with 1-2 straightforward concerns. Do not book if you would like a full skin exam or have several concerns.

New Patient – Comprehensive:

This is an exam for those who would like a full skin exam or who have a complex rash, hair loss, or multiple concerns.

Established Patient – Focused:

This is an exam for those with 1-2 straightforward problems (acne follow-up, concerning spot, etc). Do not book if you would like a full skin exam.

Established Patient – Comprehensive:

This type of appointment is for established medical dermatology patients who would like a full skin exam or have a new rash, hair loss, complex concerns or multiple concerns. Please book this appointment type, so we have enough time together!

Cosmetic Consultation:

New patients who desire cosmetic treatments should book a cosmetic consultation. Procedures may be performed that same day if time allows. If you plan to have any treatments done the same day as your consultation, please let us know so we may schedule the appropriate amount of time to meet your needs.

  • If cosmetic procedures are performed within six months from the consultation date, the $150 fee will be credited toward your treatment.

What About Insurance?

For those patients with private insurance, we provide an itemized and coded form upon request. Not all insurance companies allow reimbursement for services. It is the responsibility of the patient to check with their insurance provider about rules regulating reimbursement.

  • Medicare
    All Medicare patients will need to sign a “Medicare Private Contract” every two years while under Dr. Kingsley’s care. This contract demonstrates the understanding that Dr. Kingsley does not participate in Medicare programs, and that no reimbursement for services may be sought though Medicare. This, however, does NOT change any of your Medicare benefits in any way, and your insurance will remain in full effect for labs, X-rays, hospitalization and all other services provided by doctors who participate with your insurance. This only means Medicare will not be charged for the services rendered by Dr. Kingsley.

Our Pricing Policies

  • A credit card is needed on file to schedule an appointment. This card will only be charged for deposits and no-shows. The fee for not showing up for an appointment is $50.
  • Your office visit fee and any procedures will be charged in the office at the time of your appointment.
  • Health Care Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts can be used for non-cosmetic services.

  • Although we do not accept insurance, you can self-submit to your insurance if desired. Some insurance companies may require a coded receipt as proof of services (which we can provide you).

  • We accept cash, checks, debit cards, HSA cards, FSA cards, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover.