Dr Doug’s Lip Logic

Show your lips some love with Dr. Doug’s Lip Logic. We’ve come up with an all-natural lip balm that provides lasting hydration for smoother, happier lips. This balm glides on smoothly and offers all-day lip protection. With moisturizing ingredients like extra-virgin coconut and olive oil and healing essential oils, a light layer of this comforting balm heals while it protects.

We’ve packed all this goodness into a highly portable tube that you can fit easily into your bag or pocket, so relief is never too far away!

We offer two versions of Lip Logic. The original is perfect for soothing and protecting lips at any hour, while our Lip Logic + Zinc is made for those who also need to protect their lips from the sun’s harmful rays thanks to the addition of natural sun-blocking ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

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